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Manufacturer and Connoisseur of Activated Carbon

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SpaceBlack Adsorbents

Leading Industrial
Manufacturer & Supplier
Of Activated Carbon

SpaceBlack Adsorbents manufactures both standard and customized grades of activated carbon for any kind of filtration, purification and other needs. Using cutting-edge and advanced manufacturing technologies, we make activated carbons that don’t just do the job, but do it better than others by working more efficiently and for prolonged periods of time.

  • Application-specific manufacturing and performance testing
  • Best-in-class and globally recognized quality standards
Pioneering Activated Carbon Solutions

Get to know us better

SpaceBlack Adsorbents is underpinned by 3 key working principles – Sustainability, Innovation, and Performance. These principles are applied in everything we do be it design & manufacturing of products, logistics & supply chain, vendor & customer relations, or handling of resources. Working with these principles, we pledge our allegiance to make the world a purer place by leveraging the power of porosity of activated carbon. We help you choose the right kind of activated carbon in right quantity for application specific and process-friendly conditions.

  • Diverse Portfolio

    We produce a diverse array of products from a wide range of raw materials

  • Quality Manufacturing

    We are passionate and always aim to produce finest quality of carbon

  • First-Class Service

    We go extra mile to serve our prestigious & esteemed customers worldwide

  • 24*7 Support

    We always aim for win-win solutions in all our customer relationships

Our Vision

To become a global leader in manufacturing of superior quality adsorbents that meet and exceed customer requirements

Our Mission

To leverage the power of porosity to make the world a purer place using sustainable, innovative and performance-driven adsorbents


We are committed to constantly reduce our carbon footprint with an aim to become a carbon-negative company

Our Values

We create value and excellence in what we do by working with the 3 guiding principles of sustainability, innovation, and performance

We Believe in Excellence

One-Stop Solution for
All Your Carbon Needs

SpaceBlack Adsorbents is emerging as the leading manufacturer and supplier of activated carbon and related services. We offer a one-stop solution to meet your product & service needs as well as offer quality assurance and logistics support.

Customizable Solutions

SpaceBlack Adsorbents is dedicated to offering customizable product, service and supply chain solutions. We thoroughly study the needs of our customers to offer them customized solutions suitable to their specific needs.

SpaceBlack Adsorbents has a robust research & development framework to design and develop tailor-made products with unique adsorption capabilities. We can also offer testing of our carbon on laboratory or pilot scale to check the performance before being delivered to the customer.

Quality Supervision

SpaceBlack Adsorbents enforces strict quality control standards at every stage of production right from sourcing of raw material to 24x7 monitoring of process conditions to post-production packaging, handling, transportation and storage. We inspect and monitor the quality of raw materials,intermediates and finished goods at their respective stages of production.

SpaceBlack Adsorbents also offers laboratory testing of products as per ASTM, AWWA, JIS, JWWA and any other international standards apart from the BIS standard to ensure our products are compatible across the world.

Logistic Services

According to customers' requirements, SpaceBlack Adsorbents can provide customers with various transportation methods and route plans, including air transportation, sea transportation, land transportation, LCL, FCL and bulk cargo, etc.

SpaceBlack Adsorbents can also provide other services including import and export customs duties, cargo tracking, cargo rights management, inventory management and value-added service.

What is Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon & Its Fundamentals

Our activated carbon products effectively remove pollutants, contaminants and other impurities from water, air, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals and more.

Activated Carbon –aDsorbent or aBsorbent?”

What’s inside of Activated Carbon?

Typically, activated carbon contains a mixture of different pores viz.,

Micropores (d < 2 nm)
Mesopores (2 nm < d < 50 nm)
Macropores (d > 50 nm)

The composition of this pores depends on the raw material used and activation procedure(s). Raw materials can range from wood charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, coal, etc. And, activation can be either physical (such as steam) or chemical (such phosphoric acid), which in turn may be followed by washing with water or acid.

Types of Activated Carbon

Based on physical appearance and size of particles, commercially available activated carbons can be classified as:

Powder Activated Carbon (size < 0.18 mm)
Granular Activated Carbon (size > 0.2 mm)
Extruded Activated Carbon Pellets (cylindrical dia: 0.8-5 mm)

Process conditions which are specific to each application will determine the choice of form of activated to be used.

SpaceBlack Adsorbents

Premier Activated Carbon Company

SpaceBlack Adsorbents