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Manufacturer and Connoisseur of Activated Carbon

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SpaceBlack Adsorbents

Leading Industrial
Manufacturer & Supplier
Of Activated Carbon

SpaceBlack Adsorbents manufactures both standard and customized grades of activated carbon for any kind of filtration, purification and other needs. Using cutting-edge and advanced manufacturing technologies, we make activated carbons that don’t just do the job, but do it better than others by working more efficiently and for prolonged periods of time.

  • Application-specific manufacturing and performance testing
  • Best-in-class and globally recognized quality standards
  • Markets Served

    Markets Served

  • Markets Served
What We Do

Explore the SpaceBlack World

SpaceBlack Adsorbents is a premier manufacturing company. We leverage the power of porosity to make the world a purer place

  • Quality Assurance

    Since we rally behind the idea of making the world a purer place, we consider it our statutory and moral duty to strictly maintain quality standards at each and every stage of production, delivery of product, and after-sales service.

Why Choose Us

It’s not Just about carbon. It’s about how we make Carbon

We are dedicated to precision, overseeing every detail with a keen and expert eye. This ensures a reliable quality to our finished products. We value the importance of timely and efficient production and delivery of products to our clients. Since we have our own in-house laboratory for the continuous testing of our products we can also produce our products according to our client's needs.

Product Stewardship is
Our Top-most Priority

Carbon with Care

Carbon with Share & Care

We not only deliver orders, but we share knowledge and care for your carbon with good technical support both before and after sales.

  • 24 X 7 Support Team
  • Fully Equipped Laboratory
On Time Delivery

On Time Delivery

Irrespective of the circumstances we are determined to deliver our carbon on time to satisfy our customers.

  • Facility Located Near to the Port
  • Reliable Forwarding Agents
In House Stuffing Facility

In House Stuffing Facility

Good cargo handling and packing team to handle and stuff the cargo with safety and care.

  • Ample amount of Fork Lifts
  • Multiple Container Loading Points
Extreme Quality

Extreme Quality

Thorough analysis of the product at every stage of processing till dispatch.

  • ASTM, AWWA, BIS, JIS and JWWA Standards
Our Products

Activated Carbon Products

What is Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon & Its Fundamentals

SpaceBlack Adsorbents is a leading manufacturer of high quality activated carbons used in a wide range of industrial applications.

Activated Carbon –aDsorbent or aBsorbent?”

What’s inside of Activated Carbon?

Typically, activated carbon contains a mixture of different pores viz.,

Micropores (d < 2 nm)
Mesopores (2 nm < d < 50 nm)
Macropores (d > 50 nm)

The composition of this pores depends on the raw material used and activation procedure(s). Raw materials can range from wood charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, coal, etc. And, activation can be either physical (such as steam) or chemical (such phosphoric acid), which in turn may be followed by washing with water or acid.

Types of Activated Carbon

Based on physical appearance and size of particles, commercially available activated carbons can be classified as:

Powder Activated Carbon (size < 0.18 mm)
Granular Activated Carbon (size > 0.2 mm)
Extruded Activated Carbon Pellets (cylindrical dia: 0.8-5 mm)

Process conditions which are specific to each application will determine the choice of form of activated to be used.

SpaceBlack Adsorbents

Premier Activated Carbon Company

SpaceBlack Adsorbents
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