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Gold Recovery

Activated carbon plays a vital role in gold recovery process from ores collected from gold mines by strongly adsorbing gold metal complex inside its unique pore structure.

In the gold recovery process, first the mined ore is crushed and ground to required size. Then it is cyanidated to form a gold-cyanide complex which is easy to adsorb by activated carbon as compared to virgin gold particles which are not readily adsorbed. After adsorption, the recovered gold has to be extracted from activated carbon by elution and electrowinning, followed by sludge purification and smelting to afford gold bullions.

SpaceBlack Adsorbents provides superior quality granular activated carbon derived from coconut shell based raw material which can efficiently reduce the carbon consumption rate (by providing high gold loading capacities) as well as loss of gold in the recovery processes. Our carbons are specially designed to facilitate easy desorption of gold after the recovery process. They also have very high ball-pan hardness to prevent attrition losses. 

Gold can be recovered using three types of extraction techniques viz., carbon-in-column (CIC), carbon-in-pulp (CIP) and carbon-in-leach (CIL).