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Manufacturer and Connoisseur of Activated Carbon

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Soft Drinks & Alcohols

Activated carbon finds its place in the soft drink industries and breweries at several stages of production ranging from process water treatment (such as dechlorination and removal of trihalomethanes and organic impurities); correction of colour and taste in beers, wines and other liquors; removal of odour from fermentation process; purification of gaseous carbon dioxide (i.e., removal of H2S and mercaptans which are formed as by-products during fermentation); removal of aldehydes and fusel oils in distilled spirits; and providing aging stability especially for whiskeys.  

SpaceBlack Adsorbents has a good range of high purity grades of both powder activated carbon derived from wood charcoal and coal and granular activated carbon derived from coal and coconut shell charcoal. We can also assist you in choosing the right grade for your specific application.

Suggested Grades