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Odour Removal

Unpleasant and toxic odours in and around chemical and petrochemical industries is a common occurrence. But growing environmental and occupational health & safety regulations require that odour concentration levels are kept under check.  While the carcinogenic organic odours are commonplace, other gases such as hydrogen sulphide, amines and mercaptans are not only responsible for bad odours but are also noxious. These toxic and malodorous gases can be readily adsorbed using activated carbon which can be followed by chemisorption or catalytic conversion system for purification of air. Some of the common sources responsible for odours are municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, soil emissions, building emissions, and process vents, waste storage tanks, vacuum filters, oil & water separators, filter presses, vapour recovery units and drainage systems in chemical and petrochemical industries.

SpaceBlack Adsorbents has a wide range of activated carbon products suitable for various configurations of odour removal systems from air. We offer granular activated carbons derived from coconut shell charcoal and coal whereas pelletized activated carbons are derived from coal base.

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