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Flue Gas

Flue gas is the gas which is released into the atmosphere through tall piped chimneys in industrial, municipal and commercial settings. Flue gases commonly consist of mercury (from coal fired power plants) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are toxic or carcinogenic in nature, therefore, cannot be released beyond permissible limits. Some examples of VOCs include aliphatic hydrocarbons, ethyl acetates, glycol ethers, acetone, methylene chloride, tetrachloride, MTBE, formaldehyde, etc. Waste incineration plants also emit large volumes of flue gases which, along with VOCs, also contain high percentage of carcinogenic dioxins and furans.

Granular or pelletized activated carbon filtration systems are incorporated into flue gas chimneys to capture VOCs, dioxins and furans and purified air released into atmosphere. In some cases, virgin or impregnated powdered activated carbon is also used by injecting into flue gas to reduce the concentrations of harmful emissions. The adsorbed contaminants are then desorbed and collected in powder form using electrostatic precipitators or bag filters. As a matter of fact, PAC injection is identified as the Best Available Technology (BAT) by the US EPA for mercury removal from flue gas.

SpaceBlack Adsorbents has a wide range of activated carbon products suitable for various configurations of flue gas treatment systems. We offer granular activated carbons derived from coconut shell charcoal and coal whereas powder and pelletized activated carbons are derived from coal base.

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