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Municipal Drinking Water

Municipal Drinking Water, depending on the geography and state-sponsored infrastructure availability, is processed from either surface water or ground water sources or recycled municipal waste water. Therefore, the quality and quantity of contaminants in raw water depend on the source, geography, climate, time, and plethora of other factors.

Generally speaking, surface waters may typically contain disinfection byproducts (DBPs) from chlorine and other disinfection treatments, taste and odour compounds, pesticides and their metabolites, algal toxins, bacteria, viruses and parasites, endocrine-disrupting compounds, pharmaceutical and cosmetic compounds, man-made chemicals, and organic and naturally occurring matter. Whereas, ground waters may typically contain industrial chemicals, viruses and bacteria, minerals, heavy metals, organic compounds etc.

SpaceBlack Adsorbents can provide the best in class granular and powder activated carbons derived from coconut shell charcoal and coal for various municipal drinking water treatment options. Generally, activated carbon filtration is combined with a UV, ozone and/or ion exchange system for out-and-out treatment to meet the local regulatory requirements of potable water.

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