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Landfill Leachates

Landfill sites often leaches out toxic and contaminated water which contain suspended and dissolved matters. The type and quality of leachate water depends on the composition of landfill waste which may come from either industrial or commercial sites or both. It poses serious environmental risks to discharge it without treatment. Activated carbon is an effective filtration media which can help reduce or remove the organic contaminants, PFAS, colour bodies, and other toxic compounds. GAC when combined with biological pretreatment is a great technology to treat landfill leachates.

Landfill leachate is liquid that has passed through landfill sites. This water tends to contain both suspended matter (matter that is visible to the naked eye) and contaminants that have dissolved into the water. The contaminants within the water depend on the type of landfill: industrial, commercial or mixed. Regardless of what type of contaminants are found in the leachate, it is dangerous to discharge it without treatment to remove or reduce them.

SpaceBlack Adsorbents provides granular activated carbon derived from coconut shell charcoal and coal suitable for landfill leachate application.

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